EURODRAW 10 Block Rod Breakdown Line



Machine model: MTS 610/1+560/9 with Block 1 and Block 2 with OTO

Spooler model : BOS 1000 horizontal spooler

Inlet wire rod diameter : 5.50 – 6.50 high carbon C85,but can work with low
carbon as well

Exit wire sizes: from 3.50 to 1.40 mm

First and second block: OTO type

Last block: standard type with dancer arm

Straightening rollers: mounted on spooler travers system

Synchronization: short stroke sensor arm on all blocks

Motors: 37 kW per block AC – Siemens with servo ventilation

Guards: dustproof guards

Rotating dies: on first and last block

Die size: 43×27 mm double dies

Max speed : 16 m/sec

Spooler motor power: 41 Kw

Drives and PLC: Siemens

Cabinet configuration : single sided

Cabinet cooling: water/air heat exchanger

Wire direction: from LEFT TO RIGHT

Anti-vibration rollers: on last three blocks

All motors and drives are DC, I think about 1300-1500 Feet Per Min. The control drives were updated Aug. 2009

  • Block 1 60hp
  • Block 2 60hp
  • Block 3 60hp
  • Block 4 60hp
  • Block 5 75hp
  • Block 6 60hp
  • Block 7 60hp
  • Block 8 Dead Block 3